JGC | FLUOR BC LNG JV – Prime Contractor to LNG Canada

JGC | FLUOR BC LNG JV – Prime Contractor to LNG Canada

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Thanks for the many inquiries we’ve received regarding working on the LNG Canada project. There will be many jobs available over five-years of project construction, primarily through LNG Canada’s EPC contractor JGC Fluor (JFJV) and its subcontractors. The vast majority of hiring will only begin mid-to-late 2020. During peak construction in 2022, we estimate there will be about 4,500 workers on site, and given the shift nature of work, this will mean that as many as 7,000 people will be needed to fill these positions. Between now and then, JFJV still has work to do to complete design and scheduling, and some hiring will take place through subcontractors.

Over the next few months, the numbers of workers on site will remain stable, with gradual increases later in 2019. During this time, LNG Canada will complete site preparation activities and continue our Kitimat port work and Minette Bay offsets. JFJV will begin its own site preparation work, including tree clearing.

JFJV and LNG Canada continue to follow a hire local first policy. Employment opportunities with JFJV or its subcontractors will be posted at http://jfjvkitimat.com/. We ask that individuals looking for immediate work opportunities search for these online at job search sites like www.indeed.ca or else reach out directly to First Nations or local employment coordinators, construction unions or subcontractors.

Job seekers from out of the region are also encouraged to visit the website and consult with their job coaches. As positions for individuals from outside the region will be offered on a fly-in fly-out rotation basis, there is no advantage to coming to Kitimat to look for a job. LNG Canada and JFJV strongly discourage individuals relocating to Kitimat in search of employment on this project.

JGC | FLUOR BC LNG JV – Prime Contractor to LNG Canada



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