Dealing with LNG – BIC

Dealing with LNG – BIC

Business in Calgary writes about the evolution of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Canada, and the change from import to export, and from boom to bust and back to boom. Quoting LNG Canada’s Susannah Pierce, Director of External Relations and industry expert Jackie Forrest, it’s a good read for anyone interested in where the market started and where we are today.

“The opportunity for Canada to be part of the supply to meet the next forecasted wave of LNG demand is real,” Pierce notes. “As long as LNG projects can be competitive with other choices to supply LNG.”

…The ARC Energy Research Institute’s Jackie Forrest is professionally upbeat and positive. “Canadian projects are still progressing: LNG Canada is expected to make a [final investment] decision this year [and] smaller projects, including Woodfibre LNG, are progressing. I still see a large opportunity for Canadian LNG based on our low gas prices, close distance to Asian markets and high prices in Asia.”

Dealing with LNG – BIC



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